Superintendent Schroeder endorsed by Dr. William Bennett

(August 11, 2022) — Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Brian Schroeder was today endorsed by Dr. William Bennett, a man many have described as “one of America’s most influential and respected voices on cultural, political and educational issues.”

Bennett is the former Secretary of Education Under President Ronald Reagan, and he was a member of the cabinet of President George W. Bush as well, serving as Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.
“Superintendent Schroeder’s back to basics focus for Wyoming Schools and his interest in ensuring quality content and learning for all of the state’s students is spot on,” Bennett said.
“To receive William Bennett’s endorsement will stand as one of the highest honors of my life. As one of my educational, political and intellectual heroes — going all the way back to the Reagan days when Dr. Bennett served as the president’s Secretary of Education — he is not only a prolific and wildly successful international author, but a towering intellect and highly respected political icon and cultural commentator,” Schroeder said.
Although he is no longer a member of the executive branch of U.S. government, Bennett continues to be actively involved in issues surrounding education in America. He is an author who has written and edited over 25 books, including a pair of New York Times bestsellers. He is also a commentator and pundit who formerly hosted one of the largest national talk shows in the country, hosts his own podcast and is a frequent contributor to FOX News.
“In his various roles, Dr. Bennett is perceived — even by his adversaries — as a man of strong, reasoned convictions who speaks candidly, eloquently, and honestly about some of the most important issues of our time,” the American Legislative Exchange Council website proclaims.

The endorsement of Schroeder comes after a recent in-depth conversation between the two regarding the challenges they share as conservative leaders in education.
“I am pleased to offer him my support and endorsement as he continues to push these critical efforts forward,” Bennett affirmed.

The endorsement from Bennett signals another surge in momentum for Wyoming’s current Superintendent of Public Instruction, who was also endorsed by President Donald Trump just days ago. Schroeder said the endorsement from Bennett has energized him for the final days of the campaign leading up to Wyoming’s Republican Primary on August 16.

“To have Dr. Bennett’s vote of confidence is very humbling and it makes me more motivated than ever to serve the Wyoming parents, teachers and students with the level of excellence and commitment they deserve, Thank you Dr. Bennett,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder was appointed by Governor Mark Gordon to serve as Wyoming’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, and has guarded Wyoming’s schools and students against indoctrination while standing in support of true education. A former teacher and principal, Schroeder is committed to listening to parents and empowering teachers while stopping school dependence on federal dollars and fighting against critical race theory and gender ideology.

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