Schroeder Pushes for Law

CHEYENNE – Superintendent Brian Schroeder is asking legislators to enact a version of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act in the 2023 general session.

Earlier this year, the Florida Legislature enacted the Parental Rights in Education Act. Schroeder said the law not only allows parents greater access to information about their child’s health, it also proscribes discussing topics of a sensitive or personal nature in any manner that might counter or conflict with the parents’ values.

“While most of our schools and teachers still stick to the singular task of educating our students, the virus of toxic ideologies is spreading fast across the nation and Wyoming is not immune,” he said in a release. “This bill (or some strong version of it) can be one big step in not only keeping our schools free of all radical forms of indoctrination, but also in further building trust and goodwill between our schools and parents, which data shows always improves both the quality of education as well as the results.”

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