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Meet Brian Schroeder

A sixteen-year veteran of teaching with public and private school administration experience, Brian Schroeder is ready to help Wyoming lead the nation in education. Serving as Wyoming’s Superintendent of Public Instruction since January 2022, Brian has proven himself to be an advocate for parents and against indoctrination. Brian believes that the purpose of education is simple: to learn to think. 

Brian was born in St. Louis, Missouri and grew up in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. He, his brother and sister were raised in small-town Wisconsin by a single-parent mom who brought them up on a meager nurse’s salary. In hindsight, Brian realizes how poor they really were but during his upbringing never viewed himself that way. Their home was fatherless but their mother gave him and his siblings a stable, safe and strict home environment as well as strong morals and lots of love.

Except for growing up without a father, which was unheard of in those days, Brian’s childhood consisted of all the experiences and activities of any other young boy at the time: sports, fishing, ice-skating, hunting, riding bikes all over creation, lots of adventure, trouble-making, church-going … and, of course, school, lots of school.

Photographed left to right. Son Benjamin, daughter Grace, sister Susan, daughter Heidi, granddaughter Gabbi, Brian, granddaughter Ella, wife Susie, daughter Kelly, daughter Meg, son-in-law Sean, son Bruce.

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Experience in Education

After graduating from high school, Brian went on to college to study for the ministry. After graduating from college, his immediate plans changed when a teaching position at a small parochial school in California opened up.

While in California, Brian fell in love with classroom teaching, and he became hooked for the next 15 years, teaching 5th & 6th grades nine of those years and 7th & 8th grades the other six.

After a few years of teaching in California, Brian married his college sweetheart and they started raising a family. When their first two girls came along, they started looking at life differently and the hankerings of the small-town Midwest began to grow. When a teaching position opened up at a school in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, they jumped at the chance to move back.

Brian stayed in teaching for 15 years, eventually becoming the principal of a small school in his hometown of Fort Atkinson. During his time there, his family grew, ending up with four girls and three boys total. Brian pursued a Masters degree in professional counseling during this time as well.

Full Circle for Brian

Eventually, Brian crossed over into pastoral ministry for seven years, and then through a series  of events, went into family & youth work with teenage victims of abuse and neglect. Brian’s main focus and involvement morphed into therapy with the parents and families of these hurting young people. It  was by far the most difficult job he has ever had but also by far the most rewarding and fulfilling. 

Finally, it all came full circle when an opportunity to lead Veritas Academy opened up in Cody, Wyoming. Brian served there until the spring of 2022 when he resigned to serve as Wyoming’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

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