Brian Schroeder Continues to Travel to All 23 Wyoming Counties


Since his announcement to run for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Brian Schroeder has traveled to several school districts around the state. 

“I am here to represent the people of Wyoming and the best way to do that is to connect with them in their communities.” 

Brian’s focus is to ensure the purpose of education is to teach students to think. “That has been the purpose of education for over a thousand years. It has only been in the last hundred years that a progressive model shifted the paradigm and began experimenting with our youth.” He said recently at a meeting at Crook County School District #1, “In math, to learn means computation, to think means application.  In history, learning is about what happened, thinking is about who told you what happened.  In science, the learning side comes through observation while the thinking side comes through experimentation. In reading, it’s not only learning how to read, but also distinguishing what is worth reading.”

With decades of experience in education Brian understands what it will take for Wyoming to lead the nation in education. He is also committed to standing for Wyoming education, and against indoctrination. 

Schroeder is continuing his statewide campaign and will be in Sheridan, Wyoming to meet with the State Republican Party members this weekend. 

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