Brian Schroeder Announces Candidacy for Superintendent of Public Instruction


Brian Schroeder has formally announced his bid to run for the position of State Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

Having dedicated his life to education as a teacher, principal, and school administrator, Schroeder understands the importance of putting parents first, holding teachers accountable while bolstering their profession. and ensuring that students learn to think.

“There is something deep in the DNA and character of the Wyoming people that sets the stage for a model of education that could become the envy of our entire country. That is why I believe Wyoming is poised to lead the nation in education.”

Schroeder is a lifelong Republican committed to the Republican Party Platform. His priority is to emphasize Wyoming education, not indoctrination. 

“We must refuse to let our kids become pawns of the social engineers who are hell-bent on grooming them. When we do that, we begin to lead the nation. If we categorically reject the tenets of post-modernism and its nefarious ideologies, we lead the nation by refusing to bow to the spirit of the age. From that beachhead, we become well-positioned to lead the nation in some other key areas as well.”

Schroeder was raised and took his first jobs in education in the midwest. Brian and his wife have 7 children and are passionate about serving Wyoming and sharing truth with the next generation. 

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Wyoming Education Needs to Prevail. Schroeder Knows How.