Ahead of election, superintendent sends legislators manifesto for Wyoming schools

Brian Schroeder, Wyoming’s newly appointed superintendent of public instruction, sent state legislators a nine-page manifesto on Wednesday explaining his vision for Wyoming schools.

In an email to elected officials sent from his government communications office, Schroeder said, “I thought it could be helpful to submit, for your perusal, a full treatise of our vision for Wyoming schools.”

He begins the treatise by celebrating Wyoming’s independent decision to preserve in-person instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. The state needs to be equally independent on other fronts, he said.

“Schools that will lead this nation must be irrevocably protected by local control,” said Schroeder, who led a private Christian school in Cody before he was appointed by Gov. Mark Gordon in January to replace Jillian Balow when she resigned to lead Virginia’s public school system.

Schroeder criticized the government for chipping away “bit-by-bit” from local control, pointing to charter schools as a positive alternative because they “break the stronghold of centralization.”

“I believe Wyoming is poised to lead the nation in education,” Schroeder wrote.

For that to happen, he said parents need more control, teachers need more support, and leaders need to “refuse to drink the Kool-aid.”

“We would not for a second teach the philosophy of Nazism or the tenets of the KKK as something for our kids to embrace; similarly we should not for a second teach any philosophy that has its roots in neo-Marxist dogma as something for our kids to embrace,” Schroeder said as part of a rail against Critical Race Theory.

In addition to quoting the Bible, Schroeder also lauded several Wyoming Department of Education initiatives, like its statewide literacy campaign.

Five other superintendent candidates are running against Schroeder in the upcoming election.

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